Human Residency Foundation is a non-profit organization and artistic residency based in Mexico City. We link Contemporary Art and social inclusion, through alternative artistic practices and projects.

Human Residency provides an international platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to work together and expand the conversation on topics of social importance in Mexico and the world.

Our philosophy

Human Residency furthers human practices and reflections through artistic creation.

We aim to bridge gaps in social practices through Contemporary Art, creating new ways of relating to people, places and things in the social context of Mexico City.

We encourage social inclusion, tolerance, diversity, multidisciplinary and multicultural approaches and collaborations. We promote cultural exchange and believe in its capacity to bring forward individual awareness and positive collective transformation by celebrating diversity.

Artist Residency

The purpose of Human Residency is to develop and promote the cultural exchange of both National and International contemporary artists in Mexico City.

The residency aims to promote awareness of current social affairs, and inspire discussion and new understanding through Contemporary Art. The fundamental aspects of Human Residency are: social engagement, cultural exchange and artistic practice.

The Residency Program takes place once a year, it addresses a specific theme and consists of the following:

  1. Workshop
  2. Art Circuit
  3. Final Exhibition

The yearly editions of Human Residency will each center on a different social topic.

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Samantha Leiva

Multidisciplinary artist based in Mexico City and Berlin.

She is the co-founder, director and curator of Human Residency (H:R). She is also the local curator and ambassador of Food Art Week (FAW) in Mexico City. She studied the Bachelor´s- and Master´s Degree of Arts at the University of the Arts of Berlin (UdK Universität der Künste Berlin) and was Meisterschülerin of Valérie Favre.

She has had numerous exhibitions both in Mexico and in Europe, among which the following are highlighted: Affections / Affects (2017), within the framework of the artistic residency in Agitlab, Portugal (2017); Samurai I-V (2016) and The More the fire, the more the water (2016) within the framework of the artistic residency at Casa Wabi, Oaxaca (2016); Flugmaschinen / Flying machines (2016) CREA, Guanajuato, Mexico; I Temblor de Tierra (2015) installation in archaeological site San José el Mogote, Oaxaca, Mexico 2015; Fenómenos Naturales / Naturphänomene, Embassy of Mexico in Berlin 2014; Earth Figure (2014), Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin; nominated for the prize Meisterschülerpreis des Präsidenten at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK) in 2015; The Sanctuary(2011) installation and intervention in the public space, Gleisdreieck, Berlin, Germany; Gravity (2011) Veilchen, Uferhallen, Berlin - curated by Werner Liebermann and Válerie Favre.

Publications: DiSonare Magazine (NY-CDMX), ALBA Berlin Magazine (Berlin, Germany), Geumgang Catalogue (Biennale of Nature Art, Seoul, South Korea), The News - Mexico.

Through painting, installation, documentary photography and interventions of public space (particularly using large-scale formats), she focuses her artwork towards the integration of realities, social identities and cultural expressions.

Her mixed cultural background has allowed her to explore different traditions, cultures and spiritual teachings, which are mirrored in her work. She believes in the potential and reach that Contemporary Art has to communicate ideas, beliefs and that it is a powerful tool to suture that which prevents us from reconciling ourselves as human beings and to develop the skill and experience of seeing ourselves reflected in the essential aspect of the other.

This is where her interest, to create and participate in projects that unite Contemporary Art with social practices is born, as they aim to create a more inclusive and humane social reality by celebrating plurality and cultural diversity.

Mónica Mart​ínez Guerrero

M.A. Modern and Contemporary Art Studies and Communication Specialist in Content Design. She has developed her career around her profound interest in art, especially Contemporary Art.

In 2016, she founded "Uthopia Arte Contemporáneo", an Artistic Representation Company that seeks to link Contemporary Art with sectors from which it is traditionally separated. 

She is currently working on various projects and initiatives of which she is co-founder, such as "Human Residency" (H: R), "Habitus", and "Imagination Movement for Social Reconstruction" (MIRS). 

In addition to this, she collaborates as a translator with the Communication Department of the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC). This year she is producing "Food Art Week" (FAW) in Mexico City, a project that adds to her interest in creating circuits that promote a commercial approach with new contemporary scenes.

She developed the concept of this year´s Human Residency´s Workshop: "Representations of Gender and Sexuality" from another one of her passions: the cultural representations of sexuality and their impact on the perception of human beings as subjects in the cultural context in which they develop.