Buscando mi arbolito

The group show Buscando mi arbolito is conceived as part of the launch of the Human Residency Foundation*, which promotes knowledge of current social affairs, and inspires discussion and new understanding through Contemporary Art. A critical but humorous dialogue between Mexican artists and foreign artists based in Mexico regarding the issue of territory and the status of Man today, taking the primary image of an animal marking its territory as a starting point. Indeed, animals deploy great energies to do this: by singing or shouting, depositing odorous substances or making invisible marks.

The human being behaves the same way, he appropriates spaces: his house, his garden, his car, his office, his property, his wife, his husband, his children, etc. So he tries by many ways to mark them by putting: hurdles, locked doors, barriers, fences. But he also marks these territories by placing personal objects, such as symbols or signs. Wherever we move, we take ownership of new spaces to make territories: the space where we will put our towel to tan, our place during a meeting but also chairs in public spaces. At a collective level, the territories are the countries, which are defended against « foreigners », and that one also sometimes seeks to extend. 

To become aware of our animality is to take the first step towards freedom and to release this animal determinism. When we accept it and go beyond our instinctive behaviors, we are on the way to a renewal from the Human’s state to the state of Man. The moment we realize that nothing really belongs to us, it is then that we come to share spaces without appropriating them. We start sharing and accepting diversity without the need to defend us or differentiate us from the Other.

-Curated by Anissa Touati

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