Food Art Week
Ciudad de México


The Food Art Week, created by chef, artist and activist Tainá Guedes / Entretempo Kitchen Gallery,  is a project of the non-profit NGO Food & Movement e.V., which mission is to promote positive change in our environment and society by raising awareness about different important topics related to our eating habits. It is the first contemporary art and food festival  focused in educating people through various activities which include a main exhibition, workshops, dining experiences, panel discussions, talks, performances and film screenings.

It has been held in various cities since 2015, including Berlin (2015, 2017), Bologna (2017) and Paris (2016), to spread the message and create a global community that delves into the meaning of food, sustainability, alternatives in food, educational workshops around these issues and practices of contemporary art and food.

Each year the Food Art Week deals with a specific topic. This year the subject is sugar. The Human Residency Foundation will bring the Food Art Week to Mexico City for the first time from the 23rd - 30th of November 2018. It will be a week of events, dinners and exhibitions at our main location (The National Numismatic Museum - Casa Moneda) and in various galleries, restaurants, universities, hospitals and museums of the City.

We invite experts in the field, food activists, chefs, local food producers, artists, galleries, alternative artspaces, curators and restaurants to participate in the festival.


What are the historical, social-political-environmental consequences of sugar?

How does sugar aff ect our health? How much sugar is hiding on our food?

Sugar is often related to the feminine, sweetness, kindness, love, childhood. What kind of emotional relations do we have with sugar?

Sugar: necessity or addiction?

Challenge of the chefs: Our body needs sugar. What are the alternatives to the consumption of refined white sugar?

Is it possible to make beautiful sculptures and delicious food without industrial sugar?

We want to address these topics with the selected artists and venues, through diff erent artistic perspectives - humorous, provocative, controversial, informative, narrative, playful, empathetic, surprising, poetic and more.

The Food Art Week  is not only an art festival, but also a global movement, connecting like-minded people and artists using food and art as tool to promote awareness to diff erent relevant topics of our age. Initiator of the FAW  is Entretempo Kitchen Gallery , an interdisciplinary art space in Berlin, which researches and explores food in a cultural and social context. FAW brings innovative concepts from Berlin , promoting cultural exchange and knowledge to specialists to beginners.

Last year our events reached more than 20,000 people and more than 100 media articles. The Food Art Week  is taking place this year in Paris (31.5-6.6), Montreal (27.8-3.9) and Mexico City (23-30-11), with some Popups in other cities such as Sao Paulo, Bucharest and Bogota.

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