Human Residency Foundation is a non-profit organization, which furthers human practices and reflections through artistic creation.

We aim to bridge gaps in social practices through Contemporary Art projects, creating new ways of relating to people, places and things in the social context of Mexico City.

Our current projects are: Buscando mi Arbolito - group show and fundraising auction Mexico City - oct. 2018, Food Art Week - Mexico City nov. 2018 and Human Residency´s 1rst edition - Artist Residency - april / may 2019.


Our first edition will address the topic Cultural Representations of Sexuality. We will invite and host nine Berlin-based artists for a six-week period in Mexico City. These artists will be joined by nine local artists who will be invited to participate in the Recidency´s program.​

The time frame is the 10th of April - 20th of March 2018.

As a fundamental element of the Human Residency´s Program, the local and International guest artists will attend a specifically designed Workshop H:R, based on Contemporary Art practices.

We will have the presence of three renowned local and internationalguest curators, as well as special guests, who will be participating throughout our program.

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The Food Art Week, created by chef, artist and activist Tainá Guedes / Entretempo Kitchen Gallery,  is a project of the non-profit NGO Food & Movement e.V., which mission is to promote positive change in our environment and society by raising awareness about diff erent important topics related to our eating habits. It is the first contemporary art and food festival  focused in educating people through various activities which include a main exhibition, workshops, dining experiences, panel discussions, talks, performances and film screenings.

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The group show Buscando mi arbolito is conceived as part of the launch of the Human Residency Foundation*, which promotes knowledge of current social affairs, and inspires discussion and new understanding through Contemporary Art. A critical but humorous dialogue between Mexican artists and foreign artists based in Mexico regarding the issue of territory and the status of Man today, taking the primary image of an animal marking its territory as a starting point. Indeed, animals deploy great energies to do this: by singing or shouting, depositing odorous substances or making invisible marks.

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